Here the Journey begins

Welcome to my Dive Blog, happy to see you here.

Who am I? Earthling – first of all… lucky one, having a chance to do every day what I love; I am a PADI Course Director teaching all diving courses from beginner to professional levels, sharing my experience, always discovering something new with each student.

Being presented on most of the social media, regularly having a lot of questions about diving from different corners of the world, I decided to put all of that topics together in one place.  Like that more people can participate in discussions, sharing their experience, that everyone can benefit from, exchanging thoughts, raising questions, finding solutions, building up a strong community of people with similar values and love for the ocean and Earth,  people who always ready to learn and make tomorrow a better day.

welcome to my dive blog

This Blog will be about diving, environment, underwater world, problems and difficulties, ecological and environmental awareness, how and where we can make a difference, conservation and protection issues and possibilities, fun diving, Red Sea, safety, skills, diving tips, course reviews and practical suggestions to help everyone to become a better diver and so much more. I strongly believe that we can find a balance and raise awareness about environmental issues, we can find the way how to influence them; no matter where we are, how often we dive and even if we are divers or not. This blog will be for everyone to take a part, to learn something new about diving and about yourself.

If you would like to suggest a topic for the discussion, or there is something you really would like to know or share, please do not hesitate to contact me, I am open to everyone and will be happy to create valuable content for everyone.

Communication, willingness to understand,  trust and respect – main rules of this blog, let’s make it together.

3 thoughts on “Here the Journey begins”

  1. Very good to see that my instructor. I still remember the first time I had a dive with. I wish you all the best and progress on your way.

    Keep going.
    Dive. Dive. Dive. ???????????

  2. “It is not a fairy tale, mybe a dream for you.. but for me it is a true story”

    I’m just a human being who was given by the fate with this generous chance to meet the princess of the sea, the magical mermaid!

    Her eyes told me “don’t worry, this is my world.. my kingdom, I will take care of you, relax and let me open the hidden places, you are my guest & your safety is my responsibility, open your eyes.. open your heart.. there is no more logic.. here no more gravity.. just magic.. only magic “the hidden real meanings of life”, It is time to be mesmerized..

    It is a deeper feelings than the deepest limit human being can reach.. just open your heart and let her guide your feelings..

    It is a priceless experience, you just take and take an overwelming knowledge and feelings that would change your life forever..

    P.s. It is my first time to make a review!.. it is my first time ever to write down my thoughts!

    Anna.. honestly, I can’t find enough words for that.. mybe I’m still mesmerized!

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