How diving changed my life?

Life is so unpredictable: we can plan and schedule day after day, weeks, months,  years, vacations, what and when we want to buy and what to achieve in life; but often it is not enough. 

One small decision or event can create a big change in life. For almost 6 years after school  I was studying in Airspace University, became an engineer in standardisation, certification and quality management, was  successfully working in it for 3 years. I have to say I really loved my job. 

Diving? No even thoughts about it. How? My eyes were always looking in the sky, all goals and plans were there.  But, there is always but in the story… 

Vacation, Egypt, Red Sea - the best combination for the new experience, which ultimately changed my life. 

From the first moment breathing under the water I knew that this would be a life changing experience, a new me was born. I found  an easiest way to experience another world without leaving our planet. While looking in the sky, found all I was dreaming of beneath the waves. 

When I started the OWD course I knew that I would go further and 6 months later I became a Divemaster, taking the first step in my professional career. 

Now years passed, thousands dives are made, hundreds of courses taught from beginners to diving instructors. 

I am grateful to experience again and again this moment of falling in love with the sea and diving, being a part of this path with each student.

Writing this words with a big smile on my face, feel honoured to share with you my thoughts and knowledge about diving, continuing learning together.

 Everything is possible as you can see, you are even much closer to your new life, than I was, because you are already here, on this website. You already know what you want and what your dreams are. 

“The beginning is the half of the whole”

My career in diving

No matter when and where we start, we always can achieve goals we set. All we need is to do our best, every single day. Sometimes we feel that steps to our goals are too slow or too small, but they are always forward, that’s what matters.

Looking back at the years in diving industry, I realise how much have been build:  growing up as a diver at first and as a diving professional  up to the PADI Course Director, being a part and building up an international diving community, environmental awareness, building up a great team, being co-owner of the diving centre in Hurghada, making it oriented for professional diving education, building up demanding quality of  training and so much more.

I believe that not the place graces people, but people the place. For that reason, everyone can make any place better and it is not a final result; it is a never-ending process. 

This is a new challenge, widening a geography of teaching professional courses and  continuing the development of high quality instructor training  in Egypt. Building up strong professional diving community around the world with excellent teaching skills and attitude, which will create divers for life.



December 2022

It was my 1st time diving and I’m also disabled. My left arm and hand are paralyzed. Still Anna had no problem teaching me and I felt very informed and comfortable with her help and guidance throughout the entire day. 


Christopher Gabdulin

October 2022

Ich bin ein stolzes Mitglied dieser Schule. Die liebe Anna ist einfach die Beste und man ist bei Ihr in besten Händen!


Donna Millard

December 2022

Anna and Shelley are both very professional and extend their knowledge and passion of the sea and it’s creatures to you in such a way that you can’t help but be bitten by the bug.


Emmanuelle Mouthe

December 2022

Bienveillance, conseils, attention, Anna nous communique sa passion de la plongée, le respect de la nature. Sa devis : il n'y a pas de planète B. Il faut en prendre soin. 


Narmin Karimova

November 2022

I can say that Anna one of the best teachers that’s you can find in this city. I have panic attack and aqua phobia, I could never imagine that i can do it, but she told me “just trust me and enjoy”. It was the best experience with her.


Svetlana Gkro

November 2022

The best diving school!  Anna is a brilliant instructor.  I am happy that I went with her my way from beginner to dive master.  Highly recommend! 👍👍👍


Vincent Groothedde

December 2022

I did my divemaster course with Anna in 2022 and must say I was impressed by her way of teaching.

She is very professional and has a unique way to let you think as an aware diver, make you grow as a diver but also as a human being.


Arina Asipauskaite

January 2023

Now, wherever I travel or dive, I compare all dive clubs to this one, and so far I haven't found one that ticks all the boxes, because you get a whole different quality of communication and diving here


Caroline Peach

January 2023

Totally recommend these guys as fantastic instructors, guides and PADI professionals. Both are passionate about their jobs, want nothing more that for you to have the best experience 


Christiane Sachse

January 2023

Ich tauche nun schon seit ca 10 Jahren mit Anna. Ich habe mich von Anfang an sicher mit ihr gefühlt! 

Anna steht für Erfahrung,Professionalität und sehr viel Spaß unter und über Wasser!  Danke Anna 

Tips to someone who is thinking about a career in diving?

I believe the most important attributes for building a career in diving are:

  • Attitude – you can’t be a mentor and a role model without it. An experienced instructor with a bad attitude is far worse than an inexperienced new instructor with the right attitude.
  • Open mindedness – learn, always learn everywhere and from everybody: from other instructors and from your students.
  • Environmental awareness – we should never forget that we are only guests in the underwater world, it doesn’t matter where we are, in the lake or in the ocean, respect is a priority.

Becoming a diving educator it is not  a final destination, it is just a beginning of  never-ending process. It is not always easy, but so rewarding, this what makes you feel alive. 

“From what we get we make a living. From what we give we make a life.”

Winston Churchill

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